Vote for LISA by August 10!

Hi Everyone, My favorite composer, Jason Robert Brown, is hosting a karaoke competition. One of the song choices is "I'm Not Afraid of Anything" from his show "Songs for a New World" and I have recorded vocals over his rehearsal piano track. The person who can garner the most votes via email, wins. Wins what? I don't know really, I just like a challenge. I suppose just having your favorite composer hear you sing is winning enough. Here's what I need you to do BEFORE Sunday, August 10. Do it now so you don't forget! 1) Take a listen to the song located on my MUSIC tab on my website or through this youtube link: 2) When done listening, send an email to (you can copy and paste this email address into the "TO" line if it's not an active link) 3) In the subject line, please type my name LISA DONAHEY (very important!) Voila! That's it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finalists will be picked after August 10 by JRB himself and they will advance to the next round. I would so appreciate it if you would please forward this info onto any and all of your friends who'd like to support this crazy venture of mine! P.S. I'll buy girl scout cookies, support jog-a-thons, plant a tree, and personally swiffer your entire house if you'd like me to. :-)

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