Lisa's DEBUT CD launches Week of December 15!

Hi Everyone, Thanks to everyone for your support as we countdown the release of my upcoming DEBUT CD: "Lisa Donahey: She's Got It Covered" releasing the week of December 15. Where can I buy it, you ask? At the launch, the album will be sold digitally on Come January '09, it will be sold on iTunes. For those of you who like tangible CD's, you can also purchase yours through by going to their website or via a link on my website, For the SoCal locals, I will have CD's that I will be selling at events, shows, out of the truck of my car, as well as pimping out my mom to sell, sell, sell. :-) I really think you are going to enjoy this album as it covers many styles and genres no matter what mood you're in! I will also be performing a CD Launch Party/Charity Concert in January '09. More details to come. Stay well! best-Lisa

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