CD Update!

I am so excited for this new CD and can't wait for you to hear it. Since I am playing the role of production manager, administrative assistant, accounting exec and talent, needless to say I am learning a lot (and feel like Sybil!)! Chris Gestrin is doing a fantastic job playing piano on, musical directing and mixing the tunes. I could not ask for a more talented person to be such a big part of this project. Chris is not only a fantastic award-winning musician in Canada, but also is an amazing producer and recording engineer. It's been fun doing this CD long distance. Chris has been sending me mixes via the internet to listen to and comment on. Producing this CD is my new addiction and is truly a labor of love. I am asked frequently why did it take so long to record a CD? I think for many years I felt I had to focus on one genre of music. People aren't sure what to do with artists like me who can sing many styles. I love to sing it all and especially love a song with a great story to tell. This CD is going to be a reflection of all the wonderful music that has influenced my life and makes me, well, Me! Stay tuned as there will be a Charity Concert/CD Launch Party coming this Fall in Los Angeles. Best, Lisa

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