BACON-The Video!

I wanted to share the latest phenomenon with you... The United States has seen an increase in the popularity of bacon dubbing it "Bacon Mania." Perhaps you've recently heard about a dish called the "bacon explosion", tried sweet and salty candied bacon or just crave a BLT every once in a while? Or maybe you've been a part of a "bacon and beer tasting night" at a local restaurant or a contestant in a bacon eating contest? While this idolatry seems crazy (or like a heart-attack waiting to happen), you can't deny the fact that people love bacon. Who knows? Maybe YOU are one of those people. Hide no more closet bacon lovers! You are healed (or cured)! Be proud because bacon is American! To honor bacon, I've recorded a musical tribute to this yummy, crispy goodness that you can find on my album "Lisa Donahey: She's Got It Covered." You can pick it up on iTunes,, Amazon or via this link: And to add even more sizzle, I've posted a visual homage to bacon on YOUTUBE. Viva la Bacon! Check it out via this link: I encourage you to share the bacon strip at a time!

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